News · 25. April 2023
Fred Piry conducts a live television news interview discussing the Sudan crisis with Nima Rajan
Fred Piry conducts a live television news interview discussing the Sudan crisis with Nima Rajan and the Forum Daily News in Canada. Watch the video interview here.
News · 19. April 2023
Active Crisis Consulting Introduces New Technologies to TTPOA Close Quarters Combat Training
Close Quarters Combat Training conducted by Active Crisis Consulting (ACC) on location at a newly constructed facility in Texas. The training was lead by two highly experienced ACC CQB instructors with a Navy SOF background and ACC OPFOR. ACC training began with the principals of CQB when conducting entry using two and four man entry teams, and movement and footwork for door procedures. After mastering the basics students began breaking the threshold and then progressed to internal movement
News · 19. December 2022
Active Crisis Consulting Protective Services Promotional Video
Active Crisis Consulting has released a video promoting Its protective services and scenario based training. All of the video footage was shot at Panthera Training in West Virginia and it is original. The footage highlights some of our scenario based training activities, and our close quarters combat and night vision close quarters combat training programs and protective services.
News · 09. December 2022
ACC Conducts M-134 Live Fire Training in Texas
Active Crisis Consulting M-134 mini-gun live fire training in Texas USA. Follow the link below for video footage.
News · 19. October 2022
The Drive / The War Zone Feature ACC's Neil McLean and the Special Tactics Training Team (STTT)
The War Zone featured ACC's Neil McLean and the Special Tactics Training Team (STTT) and their role in a SEAL Future Foundation (SFF) fundraising event which took place last week in Newport Beach, CA. The War Zone interviewed Neil McLean about the SFF fundraising operation, its purpose, and how many member's of the STTT had participated. The dinner was an unquestionable success and ACC's fast-rope exercise helped to generate approximately $1 million of donations to support SFF's mission.
News · 14. October 2022
ACC Conducts A Maritime Fast-Rope Exercise For The SEAL Future Foundation
October 14, 2022: Members of the Active Crisis Consulting Special Tactics Training Team demonstrated a maritime fast-rope exercise onto a vessel in Newport Beach California. The exercise was as part of a SEAL Future Foundation fundraising dinner that was held at Nobu. The proceeds from the event went to the SEAL Future Foundation in support of their mission to facilitate the transition from military to civilian life.
News · 10. March 2022
Frederic Piry and Ontic Discuss Exfiltration "Plan B" in the Ukraine
Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Scenario Planning with a Leading Expert in Mobile Security Deployments Frederic (Fred) Piry sheds light on the crisis in Ukraine and ​​how corporate security is responding to support evacuees. As Managing Director and Co-Owner of Active Crisis Consulting, he brings nearly 20 years of experience training thousands of U.S. government and military personnel to get out of the most extreme and unimaginable situations.
News · 05. January 2022
ACC Managing Director Neil McLean Featured on Classic Firearms
Classic Firearms and Neil McLean produce a highly informative video about modern kits, carriers and the latest high speed low drag gear. Check out the full length video where Neil demonstrates how the pros setup their protective gear. Here is the link to the Classic Firearms Youtube page where you can watch the full video.
News · 15. December 2021
ACC Welcomes Command Master Chief (ret.) Jim Foreman to the Team
Active Crisis Consulting welcomes Command Master Chief (ret.) Jim Foreman to the team as a Managing Director of the firm. Jim brings with him more than 30 years of security and military experience. He is a tremendous asset to the company and it is an honor to have him as a valued member of the team. Jim's extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of security, training and executive protection provides the firm's clients with an unmatched level of expertise and service.
News · 22. September 2021
Active Crisis Consulting Welcomes Pat Capriglione to the Team
Active Crisis Consulting welcomes Pat Capriglione, a 30 year veteran law enforcement, international security, and military training expert to the team. Pat began his career as a U.S. Capitol Police Officer and Detective and spent 23 years as a diplomat and federal agent in the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. Pat was permanently stationed to embassies in Muscat, Beirut, Kuwait, Doha, Seoul and Iraq, the last three as senior advisors to the ambassadors.

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