Active Crisis Consulting has assembled a world class team of professionals specializing in crisis management involving mass shootings, negligent discharge and brandishing.  Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in security, training and defense services.  We can assist clients in any operational environment including offices, hotels, schools and government buildings.  In addition to active crisis management we also assist clients with prevention services and post-event services.  With approximately 62,000 incidents in the U.S. each year involving deadly weapons and an average of 169 incidents per day resulting in death or injury (Source: every management team should have security protocols in place to prevent workplace violence.  If tragedy occurs and you are experiencing an active crisis involving a deadly weapon it is essential that you take immediate and decisive action to improve your security protocols and harden physical security.  Any failure to take these steps will result in an immediate and abrupt departure of your workforce and further economic and reputation damage to your organization. 

Prevention Services

We offer proactive methods to deter active shooter incidents along with industry leading training in media control and communication, detection methods, reaction procedures and written guidelines and plans designed for the client's specific needs.  Taking conscientious steps to prevent a crisis is always your best option.  


Security/Vulnerability Assessment

• On-site or Virtual Threat Assessment

• Physical Security Design Architecture 

• Analyze and Evaluate Security Protocols

• Risk analysis report

• Insurance Policy Review and Premium Reduction (Policy definitions, triggers, service coverage, exclusions)

• Security Action Plan and Training

        • Workplace violence awareness

        • Incident response

        • How to respond to workplace violence

        • Scenario-based exercises and training

Post-Event Services

When a crisis strikes our industry leading team of experts is here for you and the people that you care about.  We will help you weather the storm and navigate the complex emotional and financial choices that must be made.  We will help you take the immediate and decisive action that is required to effectively manage any active crisis.  


Victim Support and Management

• Family Assistance

• Crisis Communication and Media Messaging

• Law Enforcement Liaison

• Temporary Security Services

• Counseling Services

• Coaching and Decision-Making Support

• Legal Analysis and Strategy

• Funeral Assistance

• Charitable Foundation Creation

• Post-event Investigation and Independent Report

• Expert Witness Services

• Physical Security Design Architecture



  • Insurance
  • Corporate
  • Individual
  • Media 







  • Pre- and Post-Incident
  • Security Review
  • Training
  • Physical security procedures and barriers




  • Insurance
  • Expert Witness
  • Corporate
  • Individual 





Tactical Training

  • SOPs
  • First Aid 
  • Trauma Incidents  
  • Security Concepts
  • Firearms 
  • Personal Protection 

Travel Security

  • Personal Safety Standards
  • Travel Planning  
  • Safe Housing 
  • In-Country POC
  • Executive Escorts 
  • Travel First Aid