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CQB / SWAT Training Testimonial


To whom it may concern:


 Our leadership of our SRT team as well as some of our firearms instructors just took a 2-day class from Active Crisis Consulting.  The primary instructor was Neil Mclean and we could not have been more thrilled with the result.  When we hired ACC we essentially told them we needed assistance with finding a baseline for our group as well as a direction of where we should be headed when it came to tactics.  In the Law enforcement world, training is what separates the average from the experts.  


Neil and others worked with our group and met us where we were and helped us update our training program to make us a more well-rounded team with the best training on CQC and firearm theory.  From range drills to tactics to case law and standard operating procedures, Neil touched on them all and made us a better team.


We look forward to using Neil and the other instructors again to help us continue on the path of making everybody safer by using the techniques that we learned in his class.


Respectfully submitted,


Lt. N. Goodman

Portland Maine


Active Shooter Close Quarters Combat Training for First Responders and Law Enforcement


When situations become dire and there is no time available to wait on a tactical team, the decision to make entry into a building and confront an active shooter may be the difference between a dangerous security incident and a mass shooting event. Every second is critical during an active shooter event, and first responder law enforcement officers must be prepared to neutralize the threat, when necessary, in order to save lives. 


Learn more about Active Crisis Consulting First Responder and Law Enforcement CQB training in here:

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