ACC Welcomes Command Master Chief (ret.) Jim Foreman to the Team

Active Crisis Consulting welcomes Command Master Chief (ret.) Jim Foreman to the team as a Managing Director of the firm.  Jim brings with him more than 30 years of security and military experience.  He is a tremendous asset to the company and it is an honor to have him as a valued member of the team.  Jim's extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of security, training and executive protection provides the firm's clients with an unmatched level of expertise and service. We look forward to working with Jim and we are excited to see how his contributions will impact the growth of the company.  




Jim Foreman retired in 2018 after 27 years in the U.S. Navy SEALs where he rose through the ranks to become a Command Master Chief.  During his tenure as Command Master Chief, Jim also served as a Squadron Master Chief, and as an Operations Master Chief for a command with 2,000 SEALs, and then finally as a Training Master Chief where he was responsible for overseeing the leadership development and training operations of all East Coast based U.S. Navy SEAL Teams. 


Jim has 18 combat deployments in twelve countries, and a distinguished record of honor, professionalism, and success.  While deployed, he planned and executed our nation’s highest priority combat missions and furthered the national security objectives of senior leadership within the Pentagon, the Legislative branch, and the Office of the President.  For his outstanding leadership and distinguished service, Jim was awarded a Silver Star medal, eight Bronze Star medals, a purple heart and five Presidential Unit Citations.


During the 1990’s Jim was stationed in the Balkans where he served on several diplomatic security teams that were tasked with protecting US State Department personnel.  While working as the Agent in Charge (“AIC”), and as a member of the advance team, Jim was responsible for planning, assessment, and enhancing U.S. Embassy facility security.  These enhancements included improvements to security protocols, establishing secure and discreate safe houses for emergency evacuations, and hardening security for residential housing that was occupied by senior diplomats. 


After the Balkans, Jim leveraged his diplomatic security experience by assessing and improving facility security for U.S. military bases located in austere environments.  From 2013 to 2017 Jim was engaged as a Senior Advisor for facility security at forward deployed bases in extremely high threat areas.  At the time, he was responsible for the security of a base that housed 1,000 coalition forces, and numerous other smaller bases throughout the world.  


In his last year of active duty, Jim wrote the Standard Operating Procedures Handbook for leadership roles and responsibilities amongst the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams.  The Handbook established a comprehensive set of basic tactics, guidelines, and procedures that all future U.S. Navy SEAL leaders are expected to know and live by.  Today this Handbook has been adopted by Navel Special Warfare, and it is considered required reading for the next generation of Navy SEAL leaders on both the West and East Coast.


Since his retirement from the Navy in 2019, Jim has been involved with a variety of government and private security contracts ranging from red team, and security/ vulnerability assessments to classes for senior executives and their families.  Recently, Jim has worked to develop new equipment designed for military and law enforcement, and he continues to train military and law enforcement units in weapons handling, shooting, leadership skills, decision making, team building and culture.