Frederic Piry and Ontic Discuss Exfiltration "Plan B" in the Ukraine




Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Scenario Planning with a Leading Expert in Mobile Security Deployments


Frederic (Fred) Piry sheds light on the crisis in Ukraine and how corporate security is responding to support evacuees. As Managing Director and Co-Owner of Active Crisis Consulting, he brings nearly 20 years of experience training thousands of U.S. government and military personnel to get out of the most extreme and unimaginable situations.

In this episode, he shares what he would do if he were trapped behind enemy lines in the war zone and how he would navigate to safer territory. He also discusses the limitations those in the area are struggling with due to supply chain challenges, and how to find as many resources as possible in order to increase chances of survival.

Fred started his career as a Marine and then later went on to serve over 19 years with the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service as a Counter-Terrorism Special Agent. He’s served in over 120 countries and is the recipient of the Medal of Valor, the highest civilian award. He has assisted with the investigation of many high-profile international terrorist incidents. Fred is a certified trainer for weapons/tactics, surveillance detection, hostage survival, and personal protective measures having trained thousands of U.S. government and military personnel.