Active Crisis Red Team Services

In the realm of advanced security, Red Teams are indispensable.  They provide a rigorous stress test for security measures, revealing vulnerabilities, blind spots, and weaknesses.  Active Crisis Consulting deploys skilled Red Teams that simulate real-world threats, aiming to breach both your physical and digital defenses.  Upon completion, you receive a detailed report, pinpointing areas for improvement.  


Sophisticated security teams understand the value of Red Teams.  There is simply no better way to find the holes, understand your weaknesses and identify blind spots in your security program.  Active Crisis Consulting Red Teams are unannounced, unidentified teams of professionals offering three Tiers of service.  We will employ the tools of tradecraft and covert entry methods that are usually reserved for sophisticated nation state attackers.  We will throw everything that we have at you, and push every aspect of your security program to its breaking point.  



Our TIER 1 Red Teams employ exhaustive research and surveillance, targeting the most guarded assets of your organization. From military installations to the residences of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, no stone is left unturned. The objective? To replicate the tactics of  adversaries and identify every potential breach point.



Ideal For: Military, Government, Defense Facilities, Harbors, Ports, Corporate HQs, Undersea Infrastructure, and more. 


Tactics & Techniques:

·       Electronic system breaches

·       Card cloning, credential skimming

·       Social engineering, false credentials

·       OSINT analyses, digital foot-printing

·       Radio signal, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth hacks

·       Malicious digital implants and payloads

·       Undersea covert entries






TIER 2 Red Teams combine physical bypass techniques with electronic system breaches, offering a multi-faceted security analysis.












Ideal For: Harbors, Ports, Interior Areas of Sports Stadiums and Music Venues, Municipal Buildings, and Key Executives.



Tactics & Techniques:

  • Lock picking, key imprinting, door bypass
  • Card cloning, credential skimming
  • Social engineering, falsifying credentials
  • Radio signal hacks



Focusing primarily on physical barriers, TIER 3 Red Teams assess the robustness of your on-site security countermeasures. 











Ideal For: Offices, Sports Stadiums, Music Venues, Municipal Buildings, and Key Executives interested in assessing physical security measures.



Tactics & Techniques:


  • Lock picking, door bypass, lock shimming
  • Bump keys, social engineering