Pandemic Response Services

Global Specialty Logistics

Our team of highly trained professionals with extensive special operations and military experience will assist you in delivering your high value asset and services on time, every time.  As scarcity becomes the norm and physical barriers create a logistics nightmare for traditional carriers our team continues to operate unimpeded.  Medical supplies, food, precious metals, information and firearms can save lives but only if they are delivered to the people and entities who need them most.  When the failure of your shipment is simply not an option, ACC's team of professionals will always deliver. 


Wellness Check 

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your most important assets including facilities, key employees and family members our team of professionals can assist you.  Our professionals can conduct a wellness check anywhere in the world.  Moreover, we will deliver vital supplies to these locations while immediately relaying important status information back to you and your team for decisive action.     


Pandemic Security 

We provide security and assurance that will protect your assets during this extraordinary time.  


Specialty Medical 

When medical services and supplies are scarce you can rely on ACC and our team of professionals to deliver critical specialty medical services.   


Travel Services/Personnel Recovery

When you absolutely need to get from A to B or if you need to recover key people from denied areas, ACC and its team of highly trained professionals    is here for you.  Our team will safely deliver or recover people using modern military techniques and donning all necessary personal protective equipment.   


Pandemic Response Training  

Our team of highly training professionals is available to train you and your team to respond to any pandemic crisis.  Training includes but is not limited to PPE donning and doffing, response protocols, security and tactical training.  

Active Crisis Consulting Ten-Point COVID-19 Security Awareness Guidepost

In order to assist individuals and organizations in their response to COVID-19, the team at Active Crisis Consulting has put together a Ten-Point COVID-19 Security Awareness Guidepost that can be downloaded by anyone who may need to establish or augment their security plan or security protocols.  We have provided this for free community use and we hope that it will assist you and those you care about during this difficult time.  If you would like professional assistance with your security plan please complete the form below or click on the link to contact our Pandemic Response Team. 

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