Active Crisis Consulting Selected Teaming Partners

At Active Crisis Consulting we know that choosing the right partner can make all the difference in the world but choosing the wrong partner can cost you everything.  Experience has also taught us the importance of knowing our own limitations.  In order to expand beyond our limitations and mitigate client risk we have established teaming arrangements with selected partners whose expertise helps to augment our capabilities.  In leveraging the capabilities of other experienced organizations within our network we are able to provide our clients with integrated solutions for servicing complex contracts.  It also provides us with diversity of thought and perspective when solving problems.        

JPF Securities Law

At JPF Securities Law, we’re solving the most pressing and painstaking legal issues affecting business areas across multiple industries.

Panthera Training 

Panthera Training provides elite, scenario-based tactical, aviation and intelligence training and instruction for Defense Department, State Department, Federal Agency and Law Enforcement teams who operate in sensitive environments worldwide, to enable those teams to meet their mission goals and requirements.

McLean Corp USA

McLean Corp USA provides high quality American made products that are designed to support our warfighter.