The Drive / The War Zone Feature ACC's Neil McLean and the Special Tactics Training Team (STTT)

The War Zone featured ACC's Neil McLean and the Special Tactics Training Team (STTT) and their role in a SEAL Future Foundation (SFF) fundraising event which took place last week in Newport Beach, CA.  The War Zone interviewed Neil McLean about the SFF fundraising operation, its purpose, and how many member's of the STTT had participated.  The dinner was an unquestionable success and ACC's fast-rope exercise helped to generate approximately $1 million of donations to support SFF's mission.


Footage from the fast-rope fundraising exercise went viral after it was picked up by TMZ and syndicated across dozens of television and online print media outlets.  ACC and the STTT are proud to support the mission of the SFF and hope that the excitement generated from the fast-rope exercise will continue to bring awareness to the difficulties that our SOF warfighters currently face when transitioning out of the military.   


ACC will continue to support the Veteran community and we hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with the SFF and other outstanding non-profit organizations in the future for similar fundraising activities.  We encourage organizations who are interested in discussing fundraising events or corporate security training to contact our security experts at Active Crisis Consulting or the STTT anytime.   


For a full copy of The War Zone article about ACC, Neil McLean and the STTT please click on the link below.