Active Crisis Consulting Welcomes Pat Capriglione to the Team

Active Crisis Consulting LLC welcomes Pat Capriglione to the team.  Pat will help to augment our humanitarian and middle eastern operations.   We look forward to working with Pat and we believe that our clients will benefit significantly from his extensive diplomatic experience.  

Mr. Capriglione  has 30 plus years in law enforcement, international security, and military training. He began his career as a U.S. Capitol Police Officer and Detective and spent the next 23 years as diplomat/federal agent in the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. Throughout his career, Pat was permanently stationed to embassies in Muscat, Beirut, Kuwait, Doha, Seoul and Iraq, the last three as senior advisors to the ambassadors. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Pat served as the Team Leader of a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Anbar, where he was embedded with Marine Corps Regimental Combat Team-1. The embedded PRTs were a component of the Surge and were tasked developing local governments, and overseeing civil society and governmental development projects. His position was at the civilian level equivalent to a One Star General. Pat has also worked civil wars and non-combatant evacuation orders around the globe to include missions in Iraq, Lebanon, Panama, Liberia and Kuwait. Shortly after retiring, Pat was asked to return to the State Department to serve as the Senior Security Advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen during that nation’s civil strife. While there, Pat supervised a Marine Fleet Anti-Terrorism Support Team and oversaw the departure of U.S. citizens and the drawdown of the embassy  

Domestically, Pat served in the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism and two tours as the Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge of the New York Field Office. In that assignment, he supervised over 120 special agents and 100s of contractors who protected foreign dignitaries and conducted criminal visa and passport investigations covering five states covering eleven federal prosecutorial justifications.

In 2015, Pat was recalled to the State Department and was sent to Iraq as part of the State Department’s Inspector General’s review of Operation Inherent Resolve (the President’s anti-ISIL operation). And for his service he received the Inspector General’s Award.

Pat is the recipient of eight Meritorious and Superior Honor Awards. They include his work on the investigation of Ramzi Yusef, then the world’s most wanted terrorist, for his service protecting Nelson Mandela during his historic visit the United States in 1989, and for his work on the evacuation of Lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks. In addition, he earned an Award for Heroism for his service in Iraq during the Easter 2008 Rocket and Missile Barrage in the Green Zone where “during continuous rocket and missile attacks.....and without regard for his own safety, he came to the aid of colleagues.” 

Since 2011, Pat trained the military on non-combatant evacuations, counter-insurgency, interagency operations and diplomatic engagements. He also provides security consulting to private corporations and oversees security surveys and hardware installation.


Pat was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated from Drew University with a double major in Sociology and Political Science. He attended the University of Maryland for post graduate studies. He has consulted for authors on international terrorism and has done press interviews to include the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio. He is also an assistant wrestling coach at Point Pleasant Beach High School. While there, the team that has won multiple team state championships.