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News · 22. September 2021
Active Crisis Consulting Welcomes Pat Capriglione to the Team
Active Crisis Consulting welcomes Pat Capriglione, a 30 year veteran law enforcement, international security, and military training expert to the team. Pat began his career as a U.S. Capitol Police Officer and Detective and spent 23 years as a diplomat and federal agent in the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. Pat was permanently stationed to embassies in Muscat, Beirut, Kuwait, Doha, Seoul and Iraq, the last three as senior advisors to the ambassadors.
News · 20. April 2021
ACC Security Expert Fred Piry Speaks to The Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence About Crisis and Contingency Planning
If you’re in trouble, even in the most intricate of situations, there’s a high likelihood that Frederic (Fred) Piry can think of a way out. With a background working in Mobile Security Deployments (MSD) — the 911 for diplomatic security — Fred has quite literally moved mountains to get protectees out of unimaginable situations. In this episode, Fred discusses the crisis management work he helps lead at Active Crisis Consulting, which which includes custom security assessments and training.
News · 18. November 2019
Active Crisis Consulting welcomes Frederic M. Piry, MPA to the team. Mr. Piry has had a long and distinguished career working with the government and defense industry. His experience in program management and developing training programs will provide ACC with tremendous capabilities at home and abroad. Mr. Piry is an industry trailblazer and we are excited to include him as a valued member of our company and our leadership team.