ACC Managing Director Neil McLean is Featured on Classic Firearms Demonstrating the Patented McLean DRS Sling

ACC Managing Director Neil McLean is featured on Classic Firearms where he demonstrates the patented McLean Dynamic Retention Sling (DRS).  This innovative design allows for a rapid 1 second transition from a two point sling to a one point sling and back without losing body retention.  The ability to shoot offhanded, around objects and handle prisoners without compromising the convenience of a two point sling for climbing obstacles makes this design truly unique.  The ability to do all of this while the rifle remains securely retained to the shooter's body makes the McLean DRS Sling a critical piece of kit for SOF and LE teams.  If you are interested in purchasing a McLean DRS Sling you can go to their website at https://mcleancorpusa.com and pick one up today.  


Click this link to watch the full Classic Firearms video featuring Neil and the McLean DRS Sling: