Rick Vasquez joins GunFreedomRadio (EP255) to discuss Safety & Security in Today's World









Rick Vasquez a United States Government Certified firearms classification expert who has extensive experience representing the United States government and private parties as their firearms technical representative joined Gun Freedom Radio to discuss the important issue of safety and security in today’s world.


Topics of discussion were:   


1)    You have an impressive and lengthy biography. Can you walk us through some of the highlights both past and present?


2)    What do you think of the unrest in our cities and what do you recommend citizens do to protect themselves/developing a security plan?


3)    The status of gun ownership has certainly shifted significantly in just the past few months. What do you foresee will happen in the near future, federal laws, state laws?


4)    With so many brand new gun owners, and even speaking to people who have always owned guns. What are the responsibilities of a gun owner and getting proper training?


Tune in here to listen in on the full episode: