Active Crisis Consulting Welcomes Casey Pfortmiller to the Team

Active Crisis Consulting welcomes Casey Pfortmiller to the team.  Mr. Pfortmiller brings with him tremendous operational experience that was earned through years of international deployment.   Mr. Pfortmiller will add significant depth to the Active Crisis Consulting CONUS and OCONUS training programs and tactical capabilities.  



Casey Pfortmiller has over 21 years of diverse leadership experience in extensive operational and management positions serving with both large and small conventional and unconventional units. Mr. Pfortmiller started his career with the Marine Corps where he served in various capacities including reconnaissance, instruction, and Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). He has assisted in developing curriculum for various levels of training, including special operations, mobile training teams, police training teams, and reconnaissance teams. 

Since leaving military service, Mr. Pfortmiller spent considerable time in Afghanistan where he’s continued to develop programs and act as both program manager and lead instructor for various special operations and tasks force stationed throughout Afghanistan. He is responsible for training the Afghan Border Police, Afghan Commandos, and Afghan National Army, in addition to serving as a liaison for the Department of Defense and U.S. Special Operations forces deployed in Afghanistan.

Mr. Pfortmiller has training in Criminal Justice from Central Texas College. He also has specialized training in Tactical Evolutions Self Defense, Handgun and Tactical Rifle Course, Duane Dieter Level 1 Close Quarters Defense Course (Personnel Protection/Room clearing), Moorefield Training Center 2 Day On/Off road driving course, Special Forces Military Free Fall Parachute Course, High Risk Personnel Shooting Course, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Instructor Management Course, Marine Combatant Diver, Marine Security Guard School, U.S. Army Ranger Course,  Helicopter Rope Suspension Training Master, Combat Squad Leaders Course, Non-Commissioned Officers Course, Basic Reconnaissance Course, Army Airborne Course, and United States Marine Corps School of Infantry.