Security Dream Team forms Active Crisis Consulting to Provide Custom Security and Active Shooter Prevention Services

By Catalina Heflin-Vasquez

DALLAS, TX April 11, 2019.  With over 100 years of combined experience in security, training, and defense services, Active Crisis Consulting is an expert in crisis management (https://activecrisis.com).This team of professionals is ready to prepare you, your family, and your business with the necessary skills to face a potentially threatening situation.

According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations, there were 250 active shooter incidents in the United States from 2000-2017; as a result of these shootings, there were a total of 2,217 casualties, including killed and wounded. These tragedies happen in the most unexpected times and places from movie theaters, schools, night clubs, work places, music venues, the list goes on and on.  Everyone thinks that they will never find themselves in a situation like this… until they do.  And often times, people and corporations are caught so off guard that they do not have any idea what to do.  They hope to rely on first responders to rescue them but that takes time and planning that is sometimes too little too late.  Even with a great insurance policy, individuals and companies will need to prepare themselves and protect their interests in the event of an active shooter.

Planning, preparation and prevention are the most important and effective way to eliminate the threat, but if catastrophe strikes the benefits of comprehensive crisis management services cannot be overstated.  How an individual or corporation manages the crisis during the first few hours of an incident is absolutely critical and must be approached with extreme caution.  Media management, victim services, an independent investigation andthe fortification of physical security and security protocols and procedures must be immediately considered.  Without quick and decisive action, individuals risk permanent damage to their reputation and corporations will experience substantial workforce departures and disruptions to operations that may even bankrupt the company.

But active shooter incidents are not the only causes for concern.  A violent crime occurs approximately every 25 seconds in the United States.  These crimes consist of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.  You can have all the layers of electronic protection money can buy, but when an intruder enters your home or work place, you may have to take matters into your own hands. Active Crisis Consulting can train you and your employees on how to react in situations like these when calling for help is not a timely option.

Active Crisis Consulting provides several different tiers of service: active shooter prevention and response techniques, personal security, home security, business security, firearms training, and concierge service.  Ultimately, Active Crisis Consulting aims to train and provide instruction that fits the unique needs of every client.

Active Crisis Consulting is different from other security consultants/services who only offer training in one area because Active Crisis Consulting has experts from every field of the security and defense industry. Our team of experts is comprised of international investigators, program managers, former special agents, former United States military, expert technicians, expert witnesses, professional instructors, agency leaders and legal experts who understand the complex litigation landscape that you may be facing.  These are the people that you need to prepare you and your company for what could possibly be the worst day of your life and if god forbid disaster does strike this is the only team with the skills and experience to make sure that you and your company survive the fallout that will continue for years after an active shooter incident.

You can learn more about the company behind these security solutions on its website at activecrisis.com and the deep experience of the Active Crisis Consulting leadership team.  Interested clients can also check out the website for a brief description of some of the prevention services and post event services that Active Crisis Consulting currently offers.

Active Crisis Consulting can be reached at:

Active Crisis Consulting
1920 McKinney Ave.
7th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201
Email: Crisis@activecrisis.com
Telephone: (214) 810-4023