News · 06. June 2019
Winchester, VA/Press/May 16, 2019 – Richard Vasquez Firearms Consultant of Rick Vasquez Firearms LLC was recognized as a Top Professional of North America 2019 – 2020 by The Who’s Who Directories.
News · 20. May 2019
CEO Money Streamed live on May 17, 2019 SUBSCRIBE 680 Rick is a National and Internationally recognized firearms expert with 40 years’ of Federal government experience who began his career as a United States Marine in 1974. Over his 21 year career in the Marines, Rick received training as a basic armorer and as an advanced gunsmith at the precision weapons shop in Quantico, Va, where Rick subsequently served as the chief instructor of the facility. During his tenure at the Marine Corps, he was
News · 17. May 2019
On today's show at 4:15pm Central we will be speaking with Rick Vasquez, General Manager, Topic: Training processes: SOPs on subjects such as entry access control, trauma, firearms, etc.,Community Watch Doctrine: Getting parents involved in overwatch of the school.,Developing student involvement to identify potential threats.,Corporate security training? We will be broadcasting live through and
News · 06. May 2019
Why Is The ATF Making Secret Rules For The Firearms Industry? Ted Bromund Ted Bromund Contributor Policy TWEET THIS Federal rulemaking should be open and transparent Government shouldn’t play favorites — which is exactly what the ATF risks doing by ruling by private letter
News · 24. April 2019
With over 100 years of combined experience in security, training, and defense services, Active Crisis Consulting is an expert in crisis management ( team of professionals is ready to prepare you, your family, and your business with the necessary skills to face a potentially threatening situation.